Sense Fall Detection


Falls In Older Adults

Falls are the single largest cause of death and injuries in older Canadians.  Around 33% of the elderly fall at least once per year, and these falls result in over 2 million visits to the emergency room. Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries in older adults, and they may also cause other severe injuries, such as fractures of the hip, that can have extremely negative impacts on quality of life—and on our economy in general. 

How Do We Detect Falls

Patients with memory care issues often forget they have troubles with mobility and when they get up there is a high likelihood they may fall.  

Our solution consists of a the physical installation of motion sensors in your living space much like a security company installs a  home alarm system.  From then on, our solution learns what a normal routine looks like vs an abnormal routine.  For example in its simplest form if it is normal to go the the bathroom in the middle of the night and return to bed within 5 minutes and this doesn't happen we can alert the care giver to come and check in.

This is very different to conventional bed mat solutions that sound audible alarms every time the patient leaves their bed.  Our solution has no wearables, no pendants, and no uncomfortable bed mats to prevent the patient from getting a restful night sleep.

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How Does it Work?

Our service has three main components:

  1. A collection of motion sensors placed carefully in the bedroom, bathroom, and main living quarters
  2. A gateway that plugs into your home router using Ethernet
  3. An app for your Smartphone

With these elements installed our Artificial Intelligence engine gets to work determining patterns that could mean your loved one has fallen.  

The system takes into account patterns and timings of movement, lack of motion or no motion where motion is expected.   If determined there is a high likelihood of a fall, the circle of care is notified.