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30% of the North American population are seniors age 65 or older and in Canada alone in 2019, 400,000 people have some form of dementia.  This number will rise to 1.6 million by 2040. and the reality is people with dementia forget things.  At first it becomes more difficult to complete complex tasks but over time remembering the most simple things becomes a challenge.  

Did I buy tooth paste at the store?  

Did I do my laundry?  

Did I take my medication?

You may even forget you have troubles walking and fall!

Our technology solutions offer a suite of unobtrusive ways to help the patient live safely and securely as they travel down their unique memory loss journey.  No wearables! No cameras! 

Value for the care givers


Wether you are a worried about loved one living on their own or an institution trusted with care, it is a lot of work to make  residents suffering with dementia safe and secure.  Our solution can be installed in a 1/2 hour and begins to immediately monitor motion patterns.  We can detect abnormal activity like wandering or a possible fall and immediately alert a staff member and / or a circle of care.  

If the loved one lives at home you can finally get some rest.  If the patient is in an institution, staff can respond immediately.  There is also the added benefit of knowing occupancy of the rooms and when your staff last checked on the residences.

Value for the patient


Our 1st customers were reluctant active seniors whose families were just a little worrisome of them living on their own so far away.  After the system was installed they felt a sense of security they hadn't had before, knowing our system was invisibly making sure that if they did have a problem, their family would be notified.

Our 2nd set of customers are seniors in retirement residences who have mobility problems.  They had fallen in the past but do not want a traditional intrusive bed mat solution where every time they get up an attendant comes to your room regardless of wether you have  fallen or not.  

Patients love our solution because when they fall, help comes, but only when you needed it!

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